Data roaming: don’t let your smartphone burn your pockets!

Data roaming is the is one of the latest bill shockers for many mobile users when they travel abroad. If you’re lost in a foreign city, or at a beautiful destination and want to share media with your loved ones, a smartphone can be a lifesaver.  At the tap of a button, your roaming and connected to cyberspace and Walla, you’re on your way.

Often holiday makers get lost at their new destinations, or might be looking for a specific beach or restaurant or popular clothing boutique and of course the first thing is tapping on the Google Maps icon on their smart phone and problem solved. But on returning back home, the magic wares off when your local service provider sends you the bill and your blood pressure hits the roof! The question often arises, this must be a simple error!?  Maybe the service provider had mistakenly added an additional zero.  So after calling them and the dreadful news is confirmed and the operator says ‘I can understand you are upset, but you did activate roaming’, it’s about that time when reality sets in and you can be assured they will refuse to budge on the bill.

It’ totally possible to land up running up a huge bill without being aware when using your smartphone, because so many have applications that automatically search for online updates and run in the background whenever the device is on.  so the smart phone “could be inadvertently downloading and updating throughout your stay and racking up a monster bill in the process. Often many people have claimed and experienced “phantom roaming” charges, despite turning off the function before leaving for their journeys. But the network service providers say that if data roaming is turned off, there should be no reason for data charges to be incurred. That’s the nightmare scenario many people fear, and ultimately leave travellers and holidaymakers to leave their devices at home.

So what’s the solution?



an ultra-thin, seamless microchip

With the microchip attached to your sim card, you can connect to the internet whenever and wherever you travel. Forget buying sim cards every single time when you can just use one!

Fast and Reliable Data Roaming


Enjoy your trip with Flexiroam Africa

You can browse the internet while you are traveling with high speed 4G data roaming anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America.

Perfect for travellers!


Search, navigate and plan your itinerary

You don’t have to change your SIM or subscribe to any local telco when you are travelling! It’s easy and convenient.



 Manage Your Data

A dashboard which allows you to view data balance and manage your data consumption

 Make Voice Calls

Call international or local landlines and mobile number from the app

 View Coverage

Explore our coverage through a list of selected countries

 Order Starter Pack

Purchase a Flexiroam X starter pack inclusive of X Microchip and preloaded data

Available for IOS and Android