Flexiroam eSIM is now available, the first eSIM worldwide roaming service

Flexiroam is the first telecom provider that offers eSIM service with international roaming capabilities. Started back in December 2018, Flexiroam distributed iPhone bundled phones and received an overwhelming response.

Interested individuals can avail the Flexiroam eSIM service by either purchasing pre-installed iPhone Models (iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max) in the Flexiroam eSIM Shop. (Android phones coming soon)

iPhone Flexiroam eSIM Packages

iPhone XR + eSIM with Global Data of your choice (Valid in 150+ countries)
Available in Red, White, Black, Blue, Coral (64 GB, 128GB, 256 GB)

iPhone XS + Flexiroam eSIM with Global Data of your choice (Valid in 150+ countries)
Available in Gold, Silver & Space Gray (64 GB, 256 GB, 512GB)

iPhone XS Max + Flexiroam eSIM with Global Data of your choice (Valid in 150+ countries)
Available in Gold, Silver & Space Gray (64 GB, 256 GB, 512GB)

Already have an existing eSIM enabled smartphone?  No worries as Flexiroam also offers global data passes for your convenience.


1GB Global Data Lite – $14.99 (Valid for 15 days)

1GB Global Data – $29.99 (Valid for 90 days)

2GB Global Data – $59.99  (Valid for 100 Days)

3GB Global Data – $79.99  (Valid for 150 Days)

5GB Global Data – $129.99  (Valid for 180 Days)

7GB Global Data – $129.99 (Valid for 360 Days)

These data passes can be used in over 150+ countries with over 580+ network providers worldwide. 

Upon using Flexiroam eSIM you can also enjoy lots of benefits which includes Flexiroam Local Data Plans & the popular hit new feature called Flexishare.


Local Data enables you to use data roaming in a specific country of your choice. As Local Data is not worldwide, the data plan prices will be cheaper than Global Data.

Currently, Flexiroam proudly provides a selection of designated Local Data plans in over 50+ countries. We are also actively expanding our range of coverage to cover even more countries in the future.


Flexishare is a data sharing feature brought to you by Flexiroam X app that allows you to transfer 100MB and above of roaming data to your friends and family all over the globe!

That’s right. It doesn’t matter how many oceans or miles apart you are; Flexishare will make it happen. The first of its kind!

All you have to do is have a Flexiroam account and buy a global data plan or local data plan and you can start sharing data immediately! Who needs WiFi devices and hotspot sharing when you can just share your data as quickly as a snap of a finger.


eSIM or Embedded SIM, formally known as embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC), is a small microchip at 6 mm in length and 5 mm in width and is attached to a device’s motherboard at the manufacturing stage which serves the same functionality as a removable SIM card.

It was first introduced back in 2017, and manufacturers started developing eSIM enabled devices starting from smartwatches then followed by smartphones such as the Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2 XL.

eSIM is basically a small chip inside your mobile device and works in a similar way to the NFCchip inside your phone.  Because it is built-in, there’s no need for a physical SIM card.

SoyaSincau mentioned that at the moment, there no local telcos that are offering eSIMs for the current iPhone models. But Flexiroam already started the eSIM service as early as December 2018 which is the first of it’s kind.

Some network providers also starting to get into the eSIM trend, but with the technology of Flexiroam, no one comes close in providing the most convenient way of data roaming.



“The connectivity project had to be completed in only ten weeks. Even with the short
timeline, Jackie was determined to meet each deadline at every step. She demonstrated
incredible leadership in envisioning a project beyond the scope of any other entrepreneur or
organization our team met with to discuss the potential of this project. While others came up
with limited solutions, Jackie went above and beyond in finding creative solutions to
individually source and provide data packages in each of the different countries and
continents where our delegates needed access, including over 500 delegates from the
African continent.

While this particular project was created to provide connectivity for our delegates to
meaningfully participate in AIDS 2020: Virtual, this project has the potential to expand far
beyond its initial scope. Already, there has been an interest by other international institutions
who have lauded this project as an example of what future virtual events and organizations
must do in order to ensure equity and accessibility for the foreseeable future. Many
delegates who received data and/or mobile device packages from Flexiroam had zero or
very limited prior access to data. Now with access to this technology, these individuals have
the opportunity to continue to be connected digitally worldwide.

Jackie has been an invaluable partner and leader in helping us to pilot this incredibly
innovative project. Without her and her Flexiroam team, we would not have been able to
provide digital connectivity and accessibility to almost 1 000 delegates most in need of

Emily T Blitz
Director, Conferences
International AIDS Society